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Buy a Singing Bowl Online

Should You Buy a Singing Bowl Online or In-Store?

buy a singing bowl onlineThat is an excellent question. Because personally, it's probably a better idea to buy one in person from an actual physical store. With that being said, not many stores actually sell crystal or Tibetan singing bowls, which is why a lot of folks turn to the internet. But the world wide web isn't really all that bad. Buying zen bowls online has come a long way since the 1990s when most people were terrified by the idea of entering credit card information on a web page (I was one of them). But I don't need to tell you that everything's secure nowadays; our website specifically is secured by one of the largest eCommerce software companies in the world (BigCommerce) along with accepting payments via two of the most reputable online payment gateways that ever existed (PayPal and Stripe). So worry not, my friend!! Purchasing singing bowls online is a breeze.

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The main reason to buy a singing bowl in store is so you can actually hold the bowl and make it "sing" yourself. You can really study the machine etchings in the ornate bowls as well as investigate all the hand-made hammer marks on the Tibetan singing bowls. You can also get all (or most) of your questions answered by a store associate. If the bowl turns out to be a dud after a few weeks of owning it you can usually return it. There are just lots of perks to buying in an actual store. But we really do our best bring all that to our website as well.

Buy Singing Bowls Online From Us!

To make up for not being able to see/hear/hold the bowl in person, we try to do everything we can to explain the experience to you digitally. Here's a list of ways we recreate the in-store experience in an online setting:

  1. We take a lot of professional photos of each singing bowl. You'll typically see different views of the bowls (from top, angle, and side) along with close-ups.
  2. We have listed the dominant musical note for most bowls, which was acquired using an electronic scale. In some instances we even explain chakras associated with the notes online.
  3. We describe in detail any physical characteristics (and meanings behind them) that may appear on the singing bowls but are not as obvious in the photos.
  4. We have online video and audio of each singing bowl being struck with the various strikers we sell (wood, leather, and felt). On the traditional hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls we also include a demonstartion of the bowl "singing" on film.
  5. Our Tibetan singing bowls are imported directly from Nepal.
  6. You can contact us 24/7 with any questions. Granted, we might not be awake, but will return all messages within a short time of receiving them. (800) 930-0738
  7. We offer 100% free shipping on everything to anywhere in the United States. We ship out the next day in most cases and you'll receive the item in 2-7 days (longer delivery times are noted if applicable).
  8. If the singing bowl doesn't meet your expectations upon receiving it, you have 30 days to return it, no questions asked, with a 100% money back guarantee AND we pay the shipping costs.
  9. We use some of the safest and most secure online shopping cart and payment gateway software in the world, provided by BigCommerce, Paypal, and Stripe.


tibetan singing bowls secure sslSo why should you buy singing bowls online with us? Because we can provide all the same service as you'd find in a "real" store plus we'll go that extra mile because you're worth it. As for our products... they are the best. Imported from Nepal and tested to ensure quality craftsmanship and sound from each bowl is guaranteed.

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